• Ms. Moye’s Classroom Expectations and Rules

    for English IV, Contemporary Literature, and Theater




    1. Stay in your seat until I dismiss you.  I dismiss you not the bell.
    2. Your hands, papers, pens, books, etc. will stay in your own area. Please raise your hand for permission to talk. 
    3. iPads should be off, flipped, and under your desk unless I give you permission to have them out and on.
    4. Phones should be off and out of sight. If I hear or see a phone, it will sit on my desk until the end of class at which time you may collect it from me.  If this happens again, your parent will collect the phone from the office.
    5. There will be no talking during announcements.
    6. Respect yourself and others.
    7. No eating in class, but you may have water in a closed container.
    8. Please do not sit ON the desks or table. Listen actively and participate appropriately:  sit up, pay attention, take notes, and be prepared.
    9. Always TRY. You WILL succeed in my class if you ALWAYS TRY.


    Recipe for SUCCESS:

    Strive to do your best!

    Unite in purpose!


    Cultivate your mind!

    Exceed expectations!

    Show respect!

    Share your knowledge!


    *Consequences for choosing to not follow rules:

    1. Hallway discussion
    2. Call/e-mail home
    3. After school detention in my room
    4. Office referral

    *Fighting, profanity, bullying, and blatant disrespect will result in an immediate office referral.


    Materials:  Please have these in class daily: 

    1. College-ruled white paper
    2. Journal—composition style, NO SPIRALS
    3. Black pen
    4. Books
    5. Charged iPad

    ***If you need help getting any of these supplies, please let me know.  I WILL help you.


    Grading Policies:  Major Grades (projects, essays, tests) 60%

                                    Minor Grades (quizzes, homework, classwork) 40%

    Late work:  I generally do not accept late work on minor grades.  If you have an extenuating circumstance, please discuss it with me before class, during lunch, or during my planning period.  I am not unreasonable.  Late work on major grades will go into the gradebook as a zero on the day it is due.  You will be able to make up the work in ICU, after school detention with me, or on your own; however, there will be a 10 point per day deduction in the final grade.  After 2 weeks, the work will no longer be accepted.  Illness related absences/late work will be made up according to the school policy in the student handbook.

    Retakes:  You will have the opportunity to retake one major failed grade per quarter.  You must come to me if you wish to retake.  I will not seek you out.  Be responsible for your grades…this is part of trying and doing your best.  I want you to pass; however, I expect you to be responsible.

    Cheating and Plagiarism:  These activities will result in automatic zeroes which will remain in the gradebook and will not be eligible for “retakes.”  You will also receive a parental notification as well as an office referral.  You are an intelligent, creative individual.  Do your own work, and when you must borrow thoughts or words, cite them appropriately (MLA format).

    Reading:  We will read and write daily.  When I assign something, please read it!  Read to Succeed!  

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail me at moyes@apps.anderson1.org.