• The History of Concrete Primary
    original Concrete

    The original Concrete School was built in 1890 across the intersection of Powdersville Road on Concrete School Road, or what is currently known as Three Bridges Road.  It was a single story school made of solid concrete blocks.  Years later, an addition was made by extending the length of the school. Another two story addition was made by using cement blocks.  It was  perpendicular to the existing building making the school in the shape of the letter “L”.  The community was known as “Concrete Area” before it became known as Powdersville.


    Concrete Two
    In 1925, the original school building was dismantled, and replaced with a single story brick building.  It retained the name of Concrete School.  The last two story cement block addition and the new brick school were all that remained on the site.  The lower floor of the cement block building was used for the stable and parking area.


    After the brick building became crowded, the lower floor of the two story cement building was enclosed and a cement floor was poured.  In 1958-1959, the last year the location was used as a school, grades first through fourth were in the brick building and grades five and six were using the cement block building.


    After the new “Concrete” School was built in 1959 in the current location, the old brick school became known as the Opry House, until it was struck by lightning and burned to the ground in June 1995.  Classroom wing additions were made to the current school in 1977 and 1980.  A multi-purpose room addition was added in 1998 and 1999.  In August 2002, the building and grounds were improved, and it became Concrete Primary School, serving kindergarten though second grades.  A new school, Powdersville Elementary School, opened to serve grades three though five to ease overcrowding. In August 2010, additional classrooms, renovations of the cafeteria and front entrance were completed.