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     *Time sheets for work completed in June are due June 30th by 5 PM!

    Notes to Non-Permanent Employees:
    Checks are mailed after 5 PM on Wednesday but always prior to pay day. ASD#1 has no control over the arrival of your check. Also, you will need to factor in holidays for which the United States Postal Service is close.  If you have not received your check by Wednesday following pay day, we will assume at that point it has been lost in the mail, and we will to arange a time for you to pick up a re-print of the check that was mailed. Email Payroll at bishopt@apps.anderson1.org after you have check your mail run on tuesday.
     Substitutes/Non-Permanent Employees paid by Timesheets/Payment Request Forms:
    Please be aware that all Payment Request Forms must meet all the Payroll Requirements. Timesheets must be email to the Payroll Dept. by 5:00 PM on the due date listed below by the authorizing Administrator's office and it must meet all Payroll Requirements. All Payment Request Forms not meeting the Payroll Requirements are subject to be changed to meet the requirements and may not be re-submitted unless they are returned.  If returned they will not be paid until the following pay period. 
    When submitting your Payment Request Form to the Administrator for Authorizaton signature, please request that they copy you on the email submission.  Please retain all Payment Request Forms for your records!   Please be aware that the posted deadlines are the dates that the Payment Request Forms must reach the Payroll Office.  Therefore, when submitting forms, be sure that you allow ample time for the Administrator authorizing your form to process and submit to Payroll by the deadline.  You will need to coordinate their deadline with that office. Any forms submitted after the deadline will be paid the following pay period.    
    Please do not send weekly timesheet.  Timesheets should be completed in the date range "Includes Days Worked" listed.
    Any timesheets submitted after the deadline will be paid the following pay period.