• Anderson District One Payroll Policies

    Payment of Salaries
    Salaries are paid according to experience and district salary scale.  Classified employees must provide documentation of experience from their former employer on the company letterhead.  Certified employees provide documentation of experience by submitting a current teaching certificate. 

    Checks or direct deposit voucher are picked up by each school and distributed where the employee is located.  The summer checks are mailed to the employee’s home.

    The district pays all MONTHLY employees on the 25th of each month except when it falls on a weekend; then it is on Friday prior to the twenty-fifth.  Exceptions are Thanksgiving and Christmas when payday is the last day worked before the holiday. 

    All monthly employees are paid in twelve payments and will receive their salaries each month beginning as follows:

    220/240/260 day employees               July – June
    225 day secretaries                           August – July
    195-215 day employees                     August – July
    180-190 day employees                     August – July
    The district will now require employees to participate in the Direct Deposit Program where their salary is deposited directly into his/her personal bank account at any participating financial institution.  Enrollment in Direct Deposit requires the employee to sign a simple authorization form that specifies the bank.   A voided check MUST be attached to the enrollment form. 
    The district pays HOURLY employees 26 checks each year paid bi-weekly (every other Friday).  The district pays bus drivers and part-time nutrition service employees 22 checks each year (bi-weekly every other Friday during the months in which the employee works).  Direct deposit is not available.

    Payroll Deadline for Extra Pay

    Payroll deadline for extra pay is the 12th day of each month.  If the payroll deadline falls on a weekend, then it is the Friday prior.  The only exception is Thanksgiving and Christmas when payroll is processed early.  At these times the deadline for extra pay is a week earlier.  Extra pay is included in that month’s paycheck if it is received by the deadline.

    Salary may be adjusted if the employee misses work for unauthorized absences during a particular pay period.  This will be deducted by routine administrative processes.

    Classified Personnel Supplementary Pay/Overtime

    The Board recognizes that the district is subject to the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.  This Act includes provisions applicable to school districts relating to minimum wage and overtime pay for non-exempt employees.

    The district will pay a minimum wage on an hour-by-hour basis to all district employees, either part time or full time, permanent or temporary which is no less than the federal minimum wage, except under designated training and apprenticeship programs exempt under special U.S. Department of Labor certification. 

    The Board also recognizes that it may occasionally be necessary for non-exempt persons to work more than 40 hours during a given workweek.  Individuals will be paid time-and-a-half (in money or compensatory time off) for each hour of overtime worked.  No overtime, as defined by the FLSA, will be required or permitted without authorization from the employee’s immediate supervisor.   

    The district requires all employees who are subject to the provisions of the FLSA to complete a daily time record showing actual hours worked.  Failure to maintain or falsification of such records may be grounds for disciplinary action. 

    The administration will maintain records and establish regulations which are consistent with this policy and the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act. 

    Effective September, 1992, a teacher must teach 152 days of the 190 days required by the State Department of Education in order to be credited with a year of teaching experience.  The number of days worked is the responsibility of the teacher. 

    Teacher Certification

    Each teacher must maintain a valid certificate in the field of his/her employment from the Office of Teacher Education and Certification, South Carolina Department of Education.  The teacher must send the certificate to the Personnel Office to be recorded as a condition of their contract.  This should be done immediately upon receipt of the certificate and/or prior to the beginning of the school session to facilitate payroll preparation.  Teachers are paid according to the class and years experience as listed on their South Carolina teaching credential in their personnel file.   

    If a teacher earns an advanced degree or completes a specified amount of graduate study, he/she may secure a new teaching credential, which will reflect this change in his/her educational attainment.  For administrative purposes, there are rules and regulations, which must apply:

    1.      It is the sole responsibility of the teacher to see that transcripts for credits are sent to The South Carolina Department of Education by the college or university where the credits are earned.  http://ed.sc.gov/educators/certification/

    2.   Teachers must request The State Department of Education to make changes on certificates by submitting a Request for Change/Action Form. These changes include name, address, certificate renewal, or class of certification.  A Request for Change/Action Form may be obtained from the State Department of Education’s website http://ed.sc.gov/educators/certification/certification-forms/.

    3.   Any pay increases will be based on the validity dates of the teaching certificate as determined by The South Carolina Department of Education, Division of Teacher Quality.  The web access to review your certification status can be found at https://ed.sc.gov/educators/teaching-in-south-carolina/current-south-carolina-teachers/view-certification-status/.  The Division of Teacher Quality’s toll free number is 1-877-885-5280.  It is the sole responsibility of the teacher to see send updated certificates to the Payroll Office.  The State Department does not notify district of certificate status or changes.  For a pay increase, upgrade certificates should be saved as a PDF from the website and e-mailed to Tami Bishop bishopt@anderson1.k12.sc.us. All upgrades in pay must be submitted for a pay increase with in the school year.  The district will not pay retro pay for prior school years. Teachers may submit their upgraded certificate any time during the school year and the pay will be paid retro to the first day of the school year unless the certificate had a validity date after the first day of the teacher contract. You will receive any retroactive pay in one lump sum on your next check. Your retroactive pay will be calculated from the starting validity date listed on your new certificate. In order to avoid having too much tax withholdings on this one check, you may wish to attach to your certificate a new W-4 Form for this month that you will be receiving your retro pay. If you do this, you will also want to complete a second W-4 to change your withholdings back. 

    Professional Personnel Staff Contracts and Compensation 

    The Board will attempt to pay its professional employees at a level that will attract and hold personnel dedicated to education. 

    All regularly employed certificate personnel are given a written contract on the state contract form.  Contracts are issued on or before April 15 each year.  Personnel must give written acceptance of their contracts to the superintendent on or before April 25.  Failure to give such notification constitutes contract rejection. 

    The contract specifies the tentative assignment of the employee in addition to other terms of employment.  

    The compensation of certificated personnel is based on the salary schedule approved by the Board.  The schedule takes into consideration the staff member’s level of professional training and years of service.  

    The effective date for all salary changes as determined by the salary schedule or by action of the Board is July first. 

    Personnel Records/Information for Payroll Purposes

    The district keeps information, records, and documents collected by the district to maintain an employee’s payroll account in a file separate from records noted above.  The district limits access to this information to those persons involved in the payroll process. 

    Required Immigration Form

    The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 prohibits employers from hiring aliens not legally eligible to work in the United States.  The district will comply with the provisions of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Regulations under the Act by requiring employees of the district to complete an INS Form I-9.   

    All newly hired employees must complete the form no later than three business days following their first working day.  If an individual is unable to provide the required document or documents to complete Form I-9 within the three-day period, the individual must present a receipt for the application of the document or documents within three days of the hire and present the required document or documents within 21 days of the hire. 

    The district will maintain completed Form I-9 in a file separate from other personnel records in order to prevent unauthorized review of personnel files. 

    The district requires three days notice prior to inspection of Form I-9 by an authorized service officer. 

    The district will retain Form I-9 for three years after the date of hire or one year after the date the individual’s employment is terminated, whichever is later. 

    Professional Personnel Extra Duty 

    The Board expects teachers to assume reasonable duties over and above their regular teaching responsibilities in order to provide students with the most comprehensive program possible.  These extra duties may include daily class preparation and attendance at staff meetings. 

    Professional staff members will assist in the supervision of students as part of their regular duties during the school day.  This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, bus, lunchroom, and hall duty.

     The Board expects all teachers to attend functions of their respective schools, and, when requested, to assist the principal/director. 

    The Board also expects teachers to attend the appropriate parent-teacher meetings of their respective schools.

    The Board may consider activities and services that make major demands on a teacher’s extra time as an extra duty assignment.  The Board may compensate such assignments in accordance with the Board’s supplementary pay schedule which is annually considered by the Board. 

    Tutoring for Pay 

    A teacher may enter into an agreement with parents for tutoring children for a fee.  This practice must be limited to children other than those for whom the teacher is currently exercising teaching, administrative or supervisory responsibility.  These restrictions are to assure all students reasonable assistance without charge from their own teachers, as well as to avoid placing a teacher in a position where he/she may have a conflict of interest.

    A teacher may not tutor any student for pay during his/her regular working hours or on school premises.