• Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I access the Parent Portal?

    How do I obtain a username and password?

    • Contact the school office to receive the information you need..  The parent or guardian must provide their driver's license and sign the Acceptable Use Agreement.
    Can other people see my son's/daughter's grades?
    • As long as you protect your password, others will not be able to see your information. 
    What do I do if I forget my PowerSchool password?
    • If you forget your username or password, contact the school's main office.

    What can I view through the Parent Portal?

    Icon Definition
    • Grades and Attendance – Use this display as a detailed over view to locate any historical and current grades and attendance by class. Grades History – Displays all recorded final grades and the individual assignments from the instructor to substantiate that grade.
    • Attendance History - This is a detailed display for the semester by period showing any absences or tardies.
    • E-Mail Notification – Click on this icon to establish your e-mail connection with Anderson School District One for the purpose of receiving the updated reports that you elect.
    • Teacher Comments – View comments that teachers have entered in PowerTeacher
    • School Bulletin – Not used at this time.
    • Class Registration – This option is not currently available for class registration.
    • My Calendars – This option is not currently available for parent or student use.

    Why does some of the text appear in blue?

    • Any text appearing in blue is a link to further information. Simply click on any text appearing in blue and additional information will be shown.

     What does it mean when my cursor turns into a hand as it moves over the screen?

    • This is an aid to help a user navigate and point. Anytime the cursor is displayed as a hand, additional text can be selected by clicking once on the data. The PowerSchool logo is also a link that will enable the user to return to the main Parent Portal page.

    What does the question mark (?) symbol mean in the upper right corner of the screen?

    • This is the help text for the Parent Portal. At any time you need further assistance when viewing a screen, click the (?) symbol. Please use this frequently to search and find answers to your questions.

    How do I log out of the Parent Portal?

    • The best and recommended way to end the PowerSchool session is to click on the Logout rectangular button in the upper right corner of any screen.
    What is required for a parent to connecto to the Parent Portal?
    • A computer with a connection to the Internet
    • A computer running at least Windows 98, but XP or Vista work much better.
    • The latest version of JAVA software.  Download Java.
    • A web browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox.
    • The web address for PowerSchool.
    • A login user name and password supplied by the school.
    General Usage Questions – Grades & Attendance

    Who should I contact when I have questions about my child’s grades?

    • Please contact your child’s teacher. You can easily send an e-mail by clicking on one of the teacher’s name links found in the Grades and Attendance or Teacher’s Comments tab from the Parent Portal main page.

    Who should I contact if I have questions about my child’s attendance?

    • Please contact the main office to direct your questions to the attendance office.

    How quickly are student’s grades entered into the Parent Portal?

    • Each teacher is responsible for his or her own grades. When assignments are given, graded, and entered into the gradebook, the information is available to the parent instantaneously.  Some major projects or papers may take several weeks to be posted, while some other assignment scores may be posted daily or weekly.

    Can I automatically receive e-mails concerning my child’s performance?

    • Yes. From the Email Notification tab on the main Parent Portal screen, you can select information you would like to receive and how often about the student.
    I signed up for e-mail notification but i am not getting e-mails from PowerSchool. Why am I not receiving e-mail notifications?
    • Did you sign-up for E-mail Notifications on the E-Mail Notification page? Please ensure the e-mail address you entered are correct. If even one character (letter/number/space) is off, you won’t receive e-mails.
    • Does your e-mail program have a spam blocker that could be blocking the messages? If so, you will want to add the e-mail address powerschool@anderson1.k12.sc.us to the list of “allowed” e-mail addresses so PowerSchool e-mails can get through.
    • Did you check your e-mail’s JUNK or SPAM folder? Check to see if the messages are going there and choose to mark them as NOT JUNK or NOT SPAM. You will have to consult your e-mail’s Help menu or manual to learn how to do this as it is different for every e-mail program.