• ATTENTION ALL 4th and 5th Graders!  

    Do you love to read great books?  (That's a silly question - who doesn't love a good book??)  

    If you love reading and enjoy friendly competitions that give you a chance to show off your smarts, then Battle of the Books is for you! 
    Read at least five of the books from this list by February (three before January), and form a team of 3-5 people (you and 2, 3, or 4 other awesome readers).  Throughout the Spring, we will hold fun practices where we talk about the books and answer practice questions like the ones you will be asked in the real quiz bowl competition.  In late April or early May, we will have our school competition where your team competes against the other Cedar Grove teams.  The winner of  the Cedar Grove Battle of the Books competition will compete in the district competition (against 6 other schools).  The practices will take place during the school day.
    All of these books are available in our library and can also be found at public libraries or bookstores.