• Anderson School District One Extended Medical Leave Process

    If you anticipate that you will have an extended medical leave (more than 20 consecutive days) you must email Becky Brady, Assistant Superintendent of Personnel, requesting the medical leave. Medical Leave Request Form Letter Template is available to help guide you through the request. This request should include the expected dates of the leave (estimated beginning and return dates).  This covers your for FMLA leave as well. There is no additional paperwork. 
    While on medical leave, the employee will receive pay for annual, accumulated and cumulative leave up to the amount of time allowed by your doctor by written statement (typical maternity disability is 6 weeks). You must use the leave days and are not allowed to save them. A doctor’s statement must be attached to the first leave form submitted.  The school will keep it on file for reference and the District Office may request it at any time. You may take up to 12 weeks in accordance with the Family and Medical Leave Act.  Any leave beyond the time allowed by your doctor's statement will be without pay regardless of leave balance (LWOP).
    Any days that are not covered by your leave will be leave without pay absences (LWOP). Your pay will be docked as you are absent at your daily rate of pay. The only exception would be non-contract days. (Christmas Break or Spring Break).  You would not be docked for those weeks.  To determine your daily rate of pay, you should divide your annual salary by your contract days.
    Depending on the amount of your docked pay, you may not receive a check(s). As long as you are receiving a check, there will not be a termination or break in coverage for your voluntary deductions.  If you stop receiving a check, you will be responsible for reimbursing the district to avoid termination of your policies. You will need to contact the Benefits Office for more information.
    If you are anticipating a dock, you may contact the Payroll Office for an estimate but please be aware that it is not our policy to dock your pay prior to your leave or to extend any docks beyond your return date.  
    Please note that the State Dept. of Education requires a teacher to teach 152 days per school year in order to be credited with a year of teaching experience.  Keeping track of the number of days worked is the sole responsibility of the teacher. Days that you are out and using your Leave Days do not count against you.  Your contract days will only be reduced by LWOP absences (not paid leave days).
    If you have a supplemental short-term disability policy with Unum, you can call in your claim. The number is 1-800-635-5597.  Claims will only be paid for the length of disability, and only up to 90 days.  Claims will be paid in addition to sick leave pay and run concurrently. Your Short-term disability policy is paid through Unum and is completely separate from ASD#1 payroll.  
    Very Important (Maternity Leave):  If you have the State Health Plan, BCBS, you will need to call Medi-Call at 1-800-925-9724 within your first trimester.  If applicable, check with your HMO regarding enrollment in their maternity care program.  If you choose to add your newborn to your insurance policy, you will need to complete the paperwork within 31 days of date of birth.
    This is only a synopsis of  Anderson School District One's Leave Policy.
    Please refer to the Personnel Handbook for the complete policy.