I'm planning a field trip. What kind of buses are available?

    ASD1 uses two types of buses for student transportation - state (yellow) buses and activity (white & green) buses. Bus oversight is handled by two different departments - ASD1 Transportation for yellow buses and ASD1 Maintenance for activity buses.  Activity buses are typically used for field trips and athletic events but yellow buses may be scheduled if (a) activity buses are unavailable and (b) the times of travel will not interfere with regular bus routes for transporting students to and from school.  If activity buses and yellow buses are both unavailable, notification will be provided and schedule revisions will need to be made by the requester.

     I am an ASD1 teacher or coach and need to arrange student transportation for a field trip or for an athletic event.  How do I submit a request?

    You are welcome to e-mail mclanem@apps.anderson1.org to determine if certain dates are available while in the planning stages but the actual travel request should be submitted using the online request system. There are typically only 2-3 authorized users of the request system at each school. Please check with your principal, bookkeeper, or athletic director to determine your school's designated users.

     My principal, athletic director, or bookkeeper has submitted a travel request for me.  Who do I contact for information about approval or to make revisions to my request?

    If you have not received an e-mail indicating that the travel request has been transferred to the ASD1 Transportation Department for review, it is likely still being considered for activity bus usage.  Please e-mail mclanem@apps.anderson1.org for more information.

     Will I be assigned an activity bus or a state (yellow) bus?

    We attempt to assign activity bus(es) for each group before using state buses.  However, if all of the activity buses are already scheduled during the desired timeframe, state (yellow) buses may be assigned if available.  (Note: In order to assure that activity travel does not conflict with regular student transport to and from school, yellow buses are only available between 8:30 AM and 1:30 PM, OR after 4:30 PM.)

     How do I know what size bus to request? Do I make more than one request if I need more than one bus for the same trip?

    Only one request per school is necessary for each event.  The number of buses assigned is based on the number of participants.  If we see that the number of passengers will exceed the seating capacity for one large activity bus, we will increase the number of buses assigned accordingly.  If you require additional space for items such as sports equipment, instruments, luggage, etc., please note this in the "Special Instructions" section of your request and we will accommodate if possible. 

     One or more of my students require special accommodations.  How do I request a bus that will accommodate special needs students?

    If one or more of your passengers requires special accommodations such as a lift, on the "Vehicles Needed" area of the request form, please select "SN w/ Lift" or "SN w/o Lift" as appropriate, and indicate in the "Special Instructions" section if wheelchair securement stations are needed and/or if you will need storage for medical equipment while traveling. 

     On the request form, do I enter the time I want the bus to arrive or the time we actually need to leave the school?

    When submitting your request, please specify the time you would like the bus to ARRIVE at the pick-up location, remembering to adjust this to allow for loading of equipment, etc.  This is reflected as "Start Time" on the e-mail confirmation that you receive but should be adjusted as necessary to reflect the time that you wish the bus to arrive at the pick-up location.

     I submitted a request for a bus but have not received a response.  How will I know if the bus has been scheduled?

    The first step is to make certain that it was electronically submitted by an authorized field trip requester at your school site.  If it was, please keep in mind that requests are reviewed by the date of the activity and are honored on a first-come, first-served basis.  When review of your request has been completed, an e-mail response will be sent to the requester indicating the status, regardless of whether or not it can be filled.  If you have not received an e-mail regarding your request, it likely has not yet been reviewed.  (If you need confirmation by a specific date in order to proceed with planning, please see next question below.)

     Our group needs to have confirmation of bus availability by a particular date so that we can meet other deadlines (ticket purchase, hotel reservations, etc.).  What can we do to make sure we don’t miss our deadlines?

    Requests are reviewed based on the date of the activity.  For example, if a request is submitted in September for a trip on February 14th, the request will not be reviewed until all requests occurring before February 14th have been scheduled.  However, if you need confirmation by a certain date that buses have been secured (i.e. to make a deposit or reservations, provide parent notification, arrange fundraisers, etc.), please e-mail the Activity Bus Office (mclanem@apps.anderson1.org) as soon as possible.  Every effort will be made to accommodate your needs. 

     We are planning a trip but won’t need travel for several months. We don’t have all the details worked out but we know the dates of travel and need to secure buses before proceeding.  How soon can we submit the request?

    Requests may be submitted as soon the dates of travel are finalized, whether that is 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or even 12 months before travel begins.  If you think that the time of arrival or return is likely to change as the event date nears, please include that information in the "Special Instructions" field.  (We do encourage you to exercise this option cautiously, requesting buses only after your dates of travel are reasonably firm.  We have limited resources and don’t want other groups to miss out on travel opportunities because buses were reserved for trips that did not take place.)

     Still have questions?  Please contact us via e-mail ASD1 Maintenance (Activity Bus Office) or phone us at (864) 847-7344 extension 22132.