Lesson Title - With Power Comes Responsibility
    Essential Question: What characteristics make for a good digital citizen?
    Lesson Overview: Students explore what it means to be responsible and respectful to their offline and online communities as a step towards learning about the characteristics of good digital citizens. 
    Lesson Plan: With Power Comes Responsibility
    Lesson Title - Scams and Schemes
    Essential Question: What is identity theft, and how can you protect yourself from it?
    Lesson Overview: Students learn strategies for guarding against identity theft and scams that try to access their private information online. Students learn what identity theft is, what kinds of information identity thieves want, and what can be done with that information. Students then analyze phony emails and identify tricks that identify thieves use online. Finally, they create a phishing email that includes the features that they have learned about, and see if classmates can identify the scams.

                              Lesson Plan - Scams and Schemes
    Teacher Resources -   Spotting Scams - Teacher Version                                                                                                                                               
    Student Resources -   Spotting Schemes - Student Handout
    Lesson Title - Cyberbullying: Be Upstanding, Crossing the Line
    Essential Question: How do you judge the intentions and impact of people’s words and actions online?
    When does inappropriate online behavior cross the line to cyberbullying, and what can you do about it?
    Lesson Overview: Students learn about the difference between being a passive bystander versus a brave upstander in cyberbullying situations. Students reflect on what it means to be brave and to stand up for others. Students learn to distinguish good-natured teasing from cyberbullying. Students learn about serious forms of cyberbullying.

                               Lesson Plan - Cyberbullying: Be Upstanding, Crossing Lines
    Teacher Resources - Video:  Stacey's Story - When Rumors Escalate                                                                                                                                                     
    Cyberbullying: Crossing the Line - Teacher Version
    Student Resources -   Why Care? Student Handout
    Lesson Title - Safe Online talk
    Essential Question: How should you handle inappropriate online talk?
    Lesson Overview: While acknowledging the benefits of online talk and messaging, students consider scenarios in which they may feel uncomfortable, or may encounter inappropriate behavior on the Internet.

                               Lesson Plan: Safe Online Talk
    Teacher Resources -  Video: Perspectives on Chatting Online                                                                                                                                                  

    Student Resources -   Take Three Student Handout
    Lesson Title - Trillion Dollar Footprint
    Essential Question: What is a digital footprint, and what does yours convey?
    Lesson Overview: Students learn that they have a digital footprint, which can be searched, shared, and seen by a large, invisible audience. Students then learn that they can take some control over their digital footprint based on what they post online. Students watch the video “The Digital Footprint” to learn how information online can easily get out of one’s control. They then examine the blog posts, photos, and profiles of two fictional host applicants for a TV show called “Trillion Dollar Footprint” and decide which would make a more honest host who works well with others. A key message of the lesson is that although online information provides an incomplete picture of a person, it can still affect how others view that person.

                               Lesson Plan: Trillion Dollar Footprint
    Teacher Resources -  Video:  Digital Footprint                                                                                                                                               
    Choose a Host Teacher Version

    Student Resources -   Choose a Host Student Handout
    Lesson Title - The Reality of Digital Drama
    Essential Question: Does the way we think about digital drama have anything to do with gender?
    Lesson Overview: Students discuss their impressions of peer drama, both online and as depicted on reality

                               Lesson Plan: The Reality of Digital Drama
    Teacher Resources -  Gender and Digital Life Teacher Backgrounder                                                                                                                                           
    Video:  Discussing Digital Drama
    Video:  The Real Housewives Series Video Clips
    Lesson Title - Oops!  I Broadcast It on the Internet
    Essential Question: What are the consequences of over-sharing online?
    Lesson Overview: Students are introduced to the benefits of sharing information online and the potential risks of sharing inappropriate information.

                               Lesson Plan: Oops! I Broadcast it On the Internet!
    Teacher Resources -  Video:  Eva's Story - When Messages Spread
    Student Resources -   Brittney's Story Discussion Guide
    Lesson Title - A Creator's Rights (NOTE:  This lesson is recommended for ELA teachers and librarians when teaching ethical use of information)
    Essential Question: What rights do you have as a creator?
    Lesson Overview: Students are introduced to copyright, fair use, and the rights they have as creators.

                               Lesson Plan: A Creator's Rights
    Teacher Resources -  Respecting Creative Rights Teacher Backgrounder
    Student Resources -  411 for Creators Student Handout