Lesson One Title - Feeling On Display
                   Essential Question: Are girls and guys judged differently when they post photos online?  
                   Lesson Overview: Students explore the pressures many teen girls and boys face to keep up appearances online.   
                   Materials:   Lesson Plan
                                        Video - “Feeling On Display”      
                                        Teacher Resource - Digital and Gender Life - Teacher Backgrounder
                                        Student Resource - Video Discussion Guide - Student Handout
    Lesson Two Title - Turn Down the Dial on Cyberbullying and Online Cruelty & Taking Perspectives on Cyberbullying & Becoming a Web Celeb & Risky Online Relationships  
                   Essential Question: What factors intensify cyberbullying and online cruelty, and what can you do to lessen them? How does online cruelty affect the people involved? What does it mean to become an Internet celebrity? How can you tell when an online relationship is risky? 
                   Lesson Overview: Students learn that cruelty can escalate quickly online because people are often anonymous and posts spread quickly.  Students learn about the dynamics of online cruelty and how it affects all of the people involved.  Students reflect on the possibilities and perils of an online world in which anyone can become a celebrity overnight. Students first talk about common impressions of “stranger danger.” 
                   Materials:  Lesson Plan
                                        Video - “Ricardo’s Story – Making Fun of Others Online” 
                                                       “Stacey’s Story – When Rumors Escalate” 
                                                     “Dude Perfect™ | Backyard Edition | Our 1st Video!”
                                                     “Rebecca Black Video Case Study”     
                                        Teacher Resource - Dial It Down - Teacher Handout
                                                                                         Don't Be A Hater - Teacher Handout
                                                                                         Gender and Digital Life - Teacher Backgrounder
                                                                                         Risky Online Relationships - Teacher Backgrounder
                                                                                         Sheyna's Situation - Teacher Handout
                                        Student Resource - Dial It Down - Student Handout 
                                                                                         Don't Be a Hater - Student Handout
                                                                                         Sheyna's Situation - Student Handout
    Lesson Three Title - My Online Code & Breaking Down Hate Speech 
                   Essential Question: What does it mean to do the right thing online? How can you create a community culture in which hate speech is unacceptable, both online and offline?
                   Lesson Overview: Students discuss their understanding of ethical behavior and are introduced to the concept of online ethics. Students learn the definition of hate speech and understand how it affects individuals, groups, and communities.    
                   Materials:  Lesson Plan 
                                        Teacher Resource - Judging Jeff's Profile - Teacher Hanout
                                                                             Hate Speech Corrodes Online Games Article Excerpt
                                                                             Confronting Hate Speech Online from the Anti-Defamation League
                                        Student Resource - Judging Jeff's Profile - Student Handout 
     Lesson Four Title Overexposed: Sexting and Relationships & Private Today, Public 
                   Essential Question: What are the risks and responsibilities when you share online in a relationship?  How can you respect the privacy of others online?
                   Lesson Overview: Students explore the risks and responsibilities of carrying out romantic relationships in the digital world.  Students reflect on their responsibility to protect the privacy of others when posting information about them online. 
                   Materials:  Lesson Plan
                                        Video - “Ally’s Story — Second Thoughts on Sexting" 
                                        Student Resource - How It Should End - Student Handout 
                                                                            The Unintended Consequences of Sharing - Student Handout 
    Lesson Five Title - College Bound 
                   Essential Question: How can information you post on the Internet affect your future opportunities?
                   Lesson Overview: Students learn that everything they or anyone else posts about them online becomes part of a public online presence known as a digital footprint.    
                   Materials:  Lesson Plan
                                        Video - “Abbas’s Story – Pride in Your Digital Footprint"     
                                        Teacher Resource - Admissions Packet - Teacher Handout 
                                        Student Resource - Admissions Packet - Student Handout
    Lesson Six Title - Does it Matter Who has Your Data
                   Essential Question: What are the upsides and downsides of companies collecting your data online?  
                   Lesson Overview: Students consider the ways websites and companies collect data online and utilize it to personalize content for their users, as well as consider companies’ motives in doing so.   

                                        Lesson Plan
                                        Video - "Online Targeting and Tracking Animation"   
                                        Teacher Resource - Same Search - Teacher Handout    
                                        Student Resource - Same Search - Student Handout 
    Lesson Seven Title - Copyrights and Wrongs & What's the Big Deal About...               
                   Essential Question: How can information you post on the Internet affect your future opportunities?
                   Lesson Overview: Students learn that everything they or anyone else posts about them online becomes part of a public online presence known as a digital footprint.    

                                        Lesson Plan
                                        Video - Copyrights and Wrongs
                                        Teacher Resource -  What's Private Teacher Handout
                                        Student Resource -  What's Private Student Handout
                                        Student Resource -  What's Private Student Assessment Handout