• Spearman Elementary School Parent/Teacher Organization Bylaws



    August, 2013



    Article I   - Name


    The name of this organization is the Spearman Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), 2001 Easley Highway, Piedmont, SC  29673.



                                                    Article II   - Basic Policies


    a.   The organization shall be nonsectarian and nonpartisan.


    b.   Teachers may serve as committee members and as advisors to the Board.  They may also join as PTO members if they so desire.


    c.   Board meetings will be held at a suitable time and place as agreed upon by the Board.


    d.   Teachers’ and Principals’ needs will be given top priority.


    e.   Realize that school policies are made by an elected Board of Trustees and school personnel.  In no way will we attempt to dictate policy.  If a policy is in question by our members, we must use the same channels as established for our faculty.



                                                    Article III   - Membership


    a.   Membership is available to all individuals


    b.   Members 18 years or older shall be eligible to participate in the business meetings, vote or serve in any elected or appointed position.  Membership entitles you to attend PTO Board meetings at any time.


    c.   An annual membership drive shall be held, but persons may join at anytime.


    d.   Dues will be $3.00 per person annually.



                                                    Article IV   - Officers and Their Election


    a.   Officers shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Ways and Means Committee (consisting of five people, with one designated as a chairperson), Grounds and Beautification (consisting of five people, with one designated as a chairperson), Four Volunteer Coordinators, a Hospitality Coordinator, a Membership Chairman, a Script Coordinator,  and a Box Top Coordinator Chairman.

    b.   By April 1, the President shall select five people from the PTO membership to serve as a Nominating Committee.  The Nominating Committee shall send a letter home to each PTO member, describing the Board position and their responsibilities and asking to indicate and return letter if interested in running for a Board position.  There shall be no campaigning for office.  These nominees should be presented to the membership during the April PTO meeting.  At this meeting, nominations will be taken from the floor, if there are any.  By the next general meeting of the membership, an election will be held by secret ballot.  Candidates with the majority of votes will be elected.  There will be a run-off if necessary.  New officers will be announced by the May general meeting, and new officers will be installed at the June meeting.


    c.   A vacancy occurring in any office but President shall be filled by a person elected by the Board and announced at the next PTO meeting.  A vacancy in the office of the President shall be filled by the Vice President for the remainder of the term.


    d.   No person shall hold more than one office at a time.


    e.   No PTO official should hold the same position for more than 3 consecutive years.



                                                    Article V   - Duties of Officers


    Officers are expected to attend Board meetings.  Three (3) unexcused absences will result in removal from the Board.


    1. PRESIDENT:  Shall preside at all organization meetings and Board meetings, appoint all special committees, coordinates work of the other officers and acts as the official spokesperson for the organization.


    1. VICE PRESIDENT:  Assist President and assumes the office of President if that office is vacated, also acts as program chairman.



    1. SECRETARY:  Records minutes and reads them at the next meeting and provides copies of minutes.


    1. TREASURER:  Acts as the custodian of all funds, receipts all funds and disburses funds at the direction of the Board or PTO membership, signs checks, provides financial statement at PTO meetings or whenever directed by the President.  The records shall be made available to an audit committee selected by the Board at least two weeks prior to the closing of school.



    1. VOLUNTEER COORDINATORS:  Enlists parents who are interested in the school and interested in becoming aides, ascertain which teachers are interested in aides and prepare aides to go into the classroom.  Coordinates all volunteer assistance needed for school and PTO functions.  Keep a written list of all volunteers and keeps record of the number of volunteer hours that are logged at school for the year.  This list of volunteers is not to be used by other groups unless the volunteer requests to be of further assistance.


    1. WAYS and MEANS COMMITTEE:  Present fundraising ideas, organize fund raisers, staff committees, are responsible for all funds until presented to the Treasurer.



    1. GROUNDS and MAINTENANCE:  Keep abreast of beautification needs and furnishings needed.  Organize clean-up committee for activities sponsored by the PTO, as this is out of the ordinary for the employed maintenance crew.



    1. MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN:  Shall make all reasonable effort to see that everyone is encouraged to join the PTO.  At the beginning of each school year, an organized membership drive shall be held.


    1. HOSPITALITY COORDINATOR:  Responsible for all PTO correspondences as well as coordinating hospitality events including teacher’s back to school luncheon, goodies for grand, donuts for dad, and muffins for mom, as well as the teacher appreciation week. 


    1. BOX TOP COORDINATOR:  Responsible for encouraging parents and students to collect and send in box tops as well as determining a reward system for those that do.  Also needs to communicate with parents and students by letter advising them of our box top program and how it works.


    1. INCENTIVE COORDNIATOR:  Responsible for encouraging parents and students to purchase retail gift cards, collect Coke Rewards, Ink Cartridges, Labels for Education etc. to help raise money for the school.


    1. All officers shall deliver all official materials no later than 10 days following the meeting at which new officers assume their duties.



                                                    Article VI   - PTO Board



    a.   The PTO Board shall consist of all the elected officers named in Article V.  In addition, at least two teacher representatives (selected by the faculty) shall serve as voting members of the Board.  The Principal and Vice Principal shall serve as advisors to the Board.


    b.   The Board shall create standing and special committees as the need arises.


    c.   The Board shall meet at least 4 times per school year.  The dates, times and places of the regular Board meetings shall be determined by the Board at the first meeting of the school year.  Special meetings may be called by the President or a majority of the Board members, after notifying all Board members at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.


    d.   Two thirds of the members shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of conducting business.


    e.   The Board is empowered to direct day to day business of the PTO organization, including the dispersal of funds.  The President shall report to the membership about the activities of the Board.


    f.   Select three (3) auditors from the PTO membership to examine the Treasurers’ records.



                                                    Article VII   - Membership Meetings


    a.   At least four (4) meetings of the PTO membership shall be held each school year.


    b.   The membership shall be notified in advance by a notice sent home with the students.


    c.   The membership in attendance shall constitute a quorum.



                                                    Article VIII   - Standing and Special Committees


    a.   The Board may create any committee needed to carry out PTO wishes


    b.   The chairman of each committee shall present a plan of work to the Board for approval.  All projects must be approved by the Board.


    c.   The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.



                                                    Article IX   - Fiscal Year


    a.       The fiscal year shall begin on the July 1st and end on June 30th.



                                                    Article X   - Dissolution


    a.   Upon dissolution of the PTO, all remaining assets of the PTO shall be distributed to Spearman Elementary School and used at the Administration’s discretion.



                                                    Article XI   - Amendments


    The bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the membership by a two thirds (2/3) majority of the members present and voting, providing that notice of the proposed amendment(s) shall be given at the previous meeting or by note sent home at least two weeks prior to the meeting.


    (By laws revised  June 2013, to be voted on during August 2013 meeting)