• Grading Procedures

    Grading Policy:

    Your grade for this class will be composed of major and minor assessments each 9 weeks.  Major assessments are weighted 60% and minor assessments are weighted 40%.  Minor assessments will be those assignments completed in a class period like a labeled drawing or a quick write.  Major assessments will be performance assessments or which there are 3 types: Interpretive, Interpersonal, and Presentational.

    At the end of each unit (usually the end of the 9 weeks also) you will be assessed using all 3 modes in an Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA). The IPA will be administered over a 4-5 day period and will count as 3 major assessments.  Your mid-term and Final exams will also follow this format.

    Testing / Retake Policy

    Any student who makes lower than an 80 on an IPA or other major performance assessment will be given ONE opportunity to retake the assessment.  The student will need to attend tutoring after school within two weeks of the original test date, and the student must retake the test after school within two weeks of the original test date.  An 80 is the highest grade that can be recorded for the retake.  The goal of the policy is to promote learning by offering extended time to master material.

Last Modified on February 4, 2016