• English III Syllabus

    Mrs. Bertram

    Goal: to improve reading comprehension, writing skills, and communication techniques through the study of American Literature.


    Items required for this class:

    3 ring binder or folder to keep all papers

    Lots of 3 x 5 index cards – keep them stocked all year

    Earbuds/earphones of some sort that work with the Chromebooks

    1 Composition Notebook


    Requested now and throughout the year:

        Tissues, tissues, tissues and more tissues, please.

    Hand Sanitizer

    Clorox wipes/or the like.

    Post it Notes (various colors)

    Extra Composition Notebooks Glue Sticks

    Lysol spray

    Thank you for anything you can provide..



    Your quarter grade will be determined by the following:  Major 60% Minor 40%


    Exams: You will have a semester exam and a final exam.  Exams are cumulative (as are all tests) and contain cold reads in addition to specific content material.


    Expectations for student behavior:

    Students are expected to do the following:

    1. Be respectful.   
    2. Read the board and follow all directions.
    3. Check email regularly.
    4. Be prepared for class.
    5. Stay in class.  Stay awake.
    6. Keep everything.
    7. Do your best work.
    8. Phones off and put away.
    9. Abide by all rules set forth in agenda and technology agreement.




    1st Offense – Warning and possible relocation.

    2nd offense –  Relocation and Contact parent.

    3rd offense – Office referral.


    Serious misbehavior or disruption to class will result in an immediate referral.  



    A positive learning environment for all students.  Freedom of choice as to where to sit.


    Students are encouraged to keep an agenda, paper or digital.  

    The expectation level of responsibility and accountability has just been raised.