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    Family Service Coordination
    Information and Referrals for counseling, medical, housing, and other services to parents to ensure their child's school success.

                                                             Family Literacy                                                               The Family Literacy Program provides educational opportunities for parents and preschool children through a partnership between Anderson School District One, Adult Education, and Anderson County First Steps.


    Families and children who do not have a fixed, adequate nighttime residence, or whose primary nighttime residence is a temporary, substandard, or inadequate, are eligible for special assistance to assure school enrollment, attendance, and success. Supplemental funds received through a McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Grant allows the District to provide tutoring, school supplies, special project materials, fees and supplies for related arts activities, and assistance with other specific individual needs.


    Adult Education
    The education level of the parent is an important indicator in student success. Collaboration and referral to adult education and GED are offered to all parents. Free fees to parents with children 0-6 years old.
    Call Adult Education at 864-947-9311 to register.


    Parent Workshops
    All elementary schools provide parent workshops on topics to promote student success.


                                                         Teen Parenting Classes                                                           Teen Parenting classes are offered at Wren, Powdersville and Palmetto High Schools for pregnant and parenting teens to provide information and support on parenting.


    Preschool Screenings
    If you have concerns with your child's development, speech, hearing, vision screenings are offered for children birth to six years. Contact Laura Hammond: 864-847-7344