Old School                                   
    Cedar Grove school started back in the 1870's as a two room school house. History reveals that the school was originally called "Cross Ties" because of its location adjacent to the railroad tracks.  Around the early 1900's a two story clapboard building was erected and named "Cedar Grove School" after a large grove of cedar trees that existed on the property.
    The beautiful house had high ceilings, wide hallways, many large windows, and housed grades 1 through 11.  Nearly 100 students each day would enter the school, accessing the four classrooms on the first floor and two classrooms and an auditorium on the second floor.  It was standard practice for the student to visit the coal house, fill their buckets, and return to their classrooms to stoke the pot belly stove as a means of keeping the school house warm.  

    old school 2 
    In 1941, student in grades 8 through 11 transferred to Williamston High School due to the community's concern over low attendance and state accreditation.  The school continued to serve children in grades 1 through 7 until 1948 at which point it was torn down.  Built in its place on the original site was Cedar Grove Elementary School.  The small brick school house served student in grades 1 through 6 and later k through 4 until it closed in June 1991.
    Construction began once again for Cedar Grove in October 1990.  The new school was erected one mile north of the original school site.  The new school which opened on August 22, 1991 had 14 classrooms, a computer lab, library, and a cafetorium. At that time Cedar Grove could house 250 students. 
    In June of 2000 a new wing was added to Cedar Grove along with two new Kindergarten classes. The wing holds a gym, 1 computer lab, science lab and 12 classrooms.  With this addition 5th graders came back to Cedar Grove and we were able to provide full-time Music, Art, and PE classes.  It became obvious during the 2003-04 school year that even more room was needed to provide for our students.  Another wing was constructed in July of 2004.  This addition provided 7 more classrooms, housing Art, Speech and 3rd grade as well as a large teacher workroom and an administrative office.  This raised our maximum capacity to 650 students.  
    In the summer of 2011, construction began yet again on additions to the school and major renovations. Eleven classrooms were added, new tile, cafeteria renovation and painting throughout the building was completed. Also, additional safety features and the front entrance of the school was completely redone, adding a beautiful, up-to-date entrance, additional parking and a stacked entrance.