• April 30, 2021


    1.      Call to Order – Mr. Robbie Binnicker

    2.      Invocation – Mr. David Merritt

    3.      Pledge of Allegiance

    4.      Approval of Board Agenda  - The agenda was approved. 

    5.      Minutes of April 27 Meeting - Minutes were passed as received in the mail. 

    6.     Superintendent's Report

    a.     Financial Report - Mr. Binnicker and Mr. Thomas provided the financial reports to the board members. 

    b.     Instructional Report - Mrs. Harrison provided the instructional report. She shared teh State of PreK-5 Literacy in Anderson School District One. Mrs. Harrison stated that state testing has begun at elementary and middle schools.  

    c.     Student Nutritional - Dr. Pew provided the board with the nutritional services report.

    d.    Building Program Update - Mr. Binnicker indicated this busiest time during the current building program will occur between now and the end of the summer. 

    e.    Personnel - All personnel was approved as received in the mail. 

    7.   Adjourn

            Anderson School District One Board of Trustees

            Robbie Binnicker, Superintendent

            The next board meeting will be held on May 25, 2021.