• What do you know about the Common Core Standards?
    South Carolina is one of over 45 states that has adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  These standards are part of an important movement to align teaching and learning across our state, our country, and even internationally.  Why does that matter?
    • Consistency across the country helps everyone.  Common standards mean that you are learning the same content and skills as students from around the U.S.  This places everyone on an even playing field and eases transitions between states.


    • Life requires more than one skill at a time.  A quick trip to the grocery store requires planning, reading, math facts, estimation, communication, and critical thinking to make the right purchases.  The Common Core State Standards require you to integrate your learning just as you do when you fill your shopping cart.


    • English class is not the only place you need to read and write.  The Common Core includes standards for reading and writing in Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects designed to help you apply and develop reading and writing skills in all of your classes.


    • Basic math is not enough.  The Common Core for math emphasize conceptual understanding, not just computation, to make sure you are learning and absorbing the critical information you need to succeed as you move through school. 


    • You want to be ready for what comes next.  You have many choices after high school--work, college, career training, apprenticeship, military service.  The goal of the Common Core is to prepare you for all these opportunities so that you can make the decision that is right for you.


    • Learning is a lifelong skill.  It is very likely that you will change careers more than once after you leave high school.  The Common Core will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to take advantage of a wide range of career opportunities in the rapidly changing, 21st century workplace. 

    Information from Oregon State Department of Education