• Anderson District One Payroll Forms (W-4 Forms and Direct Deposit Enrollment Forms)
    W4 FORMS:
    If you have questions about what to claim on your W-4 form no one at the district office can give any advice. If you do not have any withholdings or enough withholdings from your check and you want to have taxes withheld then you will need to complete a new W-4 Form.  Your tax preparer is the best person to inform you as to what you need to change.  
    The district office is only allowed to explain the following:
    1) The more allowances/dependents you list on your W-4 equals less withholdings which means more in your check but less at the end of the year.
    2) The less allowances/dependents you list on your W-4 equals more withholdings which means less in your check but more at the end of the year.
    3) You are legally allowed to change your W-4 as often as you are paid.
    4) Your W-4 is not required to match your tax return in status or allowances.
    5) A Filing status of Single or Married filling single will withhold more from your check which means you will get less in your check.
    6) Two wage Earner box is a credit which will withhold less and you will get more in your check. 
    7) If you want withholdings and do not have anything being withheld the you need to do a new W-4 form.  The following are options for increasing withholdings:
         *lower your deductions
         *change your status to Married Filing Single or Single
         * list and additional amount withheld
    Please remember your income is directly related to your withholding.  If you are paid more and do not change your W-4 you will have more withheld.  If you are paid less and do not change your W-4 you will have less and possibly nothing withheld. 
    Federal W-4 Form:
    Information concerning the change in Federal W4 form as of 1-1-2020:
    1) The withholding tables with the new form withhold less than the withholding tables from 2019. BE CAREFUL and alway check your withholdings when you make a change!
    2) If you have multiple jobs or your spouse also works, you will need to be sure to check the box in Step 2: Multiple Jobs or Spouse Works or your withholdings will not be accurate! 
    State W-4 Form:
    When completing a new Federal W-4 if a SC W-4 Form is not also completed, then no change will take effect for your State withholdings.
    If you are a new hire and you do not complete a separate SC W-4 Form then you will automatically be listed Single and -0- for State withholdings. 
    DIRECT DEPOSIT FORM:                
    •  All Direct Deposit Forms MUST include a voided check (No starter checks.)  Your information must be pre-printed on the check and not hand written. Anderson School District one requires a voided check to validate your account.  Bank forms can not be accepted unless there is a picture of your personal check printed(not hand written) on the bank form and it is signed by a bank official. Your routing and account number must be printed at the bottom of the check and your name and address must be printed in the upper left hand corner of the check.  We will not direct deposit to any account that is not in your name.  No business or savings accounts. 
    • The first pay day after starting/changing my Direct Deposit will be pre-note (you will receive a paper check) so that your banking information can be verified.
    • You must notify the Payroll Office immediately just as you would your bank if you need to close your checking account for any reason! If you close your account and do not cancel your direct deposit, you will have to wait to be paid until the funds are returned from your bank. This can take several days. If you have to close your account for any reason you have one month to re-enroll in mandatory direct deposit or you will be required to pick up your paycheck directly from the Payroll Office.
    • Anderson School District One does not offer split direct deposit.  You many only have one direct deposit account. If you wish for funds to be deposited into another account it can only be through payroll deduction to our business partner Upstate Federal Credit Union.  


    All forms may be submitted on Talent Ed. or US Mail or Interoffice mail.  I will accept by email but this is not adivsed as you are sending sensative information!