• Payroll Requirements For Submitting Payment Request Forms (CLICK HERE)

    Please read the guidelines above to ensure that your form meets all requirements for payment.  All Payment Request Forms not meeting the Payroll Requirements are subject to being changed or returned.  If returned they will not be paid until the following pay period. All forms should be completed on the computer!  Calculations will be made automatically for you. You must have Adobe Reader 8 (free download). Once you open the form you will need to save it on your computer as an Adobe 8 file or it will not do the calculations for you. If you need assistance installing Adobe Reader 8 please create a Big Web Desk Ticket.


     SELECT THE PROPER FORM FROM DROP DOWN BOX BELOW: Refresh your browser for updates REFRESH

    • All
    • Clemson Goal Post
    • Curriculum/Staff Development - Federal Funds
    • Curriculum/Staff Development: Non-Federal Funds
    • Custodian Extra Hours
    • Early Intervention
    • High School Tutoring
    • Medical Homebound
    • Personnel Support - Federal Funds
    • Personnel Support: Non-Federal Funds
    • Special Event Payment
    • Special Services: Non-Federal
    • Supplement List Change Request
    • Supplements- Seasonal Employees
    • Supplements-Employee Only Additional Local
    • Title I Early Intervention
     When submitting your Payment Request Form to the Administrator for Authorizaton signature, please request that they copy you on the email submission.  Please retain all Payment Request Forms for your records!  Please be aware that the posted deadlines are the dates that the Payment Request Forms must reach the Payroll Office.  Therefore, when submitting forms, be sure that you allow ample time for the Administrator authorizing your form to process and submit to Payroll by the deadline.  You will need to coordinate their deadline with that office. Any forms submitted after the deadline will be paid the following pay period.