• Materials- I would like you to have a writing utensil (I don’t care if it is a pencil or pen), paper to write upon (I prefer you to organize it all in a 3 ring binder but I am not picky) and a calculator (for which to do the calculations that were mentioned previously).  My expectation is that all of you will have these materials for every class.

    Expectations- My expectations are simple.  Show up on time, be respectful and do your work.  Please allow me to expand upon these:


    ·         If I write something on the board, I expect you to write it down.

    ·         There may be a “Do Now” on the back board.  I expect you to write it down in your notebook (possibly in a “Do Now” section) and try to answer it.  It may be a physics related question or it may be a writing prompt.  I may collect it to grade and/or use to demonstrate a key concept.

    ·         I like to focus on the “why” of science.  I try to answer your questions with questions that lead you to the answer.  Science is not paint-by-numbers.  Every problem is different and I expect you to understand physics and not just know how to solve certain problems.  Don’t worry, I will help.


    Behavior- All of you are high school students and, since you are in physics, I assume you will be attending college either next year or the year after.  I expect you to behave like motivated students who want to learn new things.  Throwing things (to each other or at the trash can) is never acceptable and will result in detentions and other disciplinary actions. 

    Grading- Major assessments (tests, lab results and projects) are worth 65% of your grade.  Minor assessments (quizzes, homework and class work) are worth 35% of your grade.  The Power of I will apply to all major assessments. 

     Plagiarism- Cheating will not be tolerated.  Plagiarism is defined as either knowingly taking material and passing it off as their own or willingly giving material in order to pass it off as someone else’s.  That means that someone who gives work to somebody in order to copy it is just as guilty of plagiarism as the person who turns in the copied work.  Both students will receive a zero for the assignment as well as disciplinary action.