• Accounts Payable General Guidelines

    All check requests to Accounts Payable must be accompanied by an original vendor invoice or a Check Request form.

    Requests without proper authorization and necessary information will be returned for correction. Please look below for additional information:



    Invoices are sent to the originating location/department for verification and approval before forwarded to AP. Attach a copy of the PO and indicate any change in account distributions or instructions to close PO with outstanding balances.

    (For guidelines and information regarding purchase requisitions and purchase orders, please refer to purchasing department tab under the district web page for more information.)

    Maintenance Invoices

    (Manual PO)

    All maintenance invoices are sent to the maintenance department for verification and approval by the maintenance supervisor before forwarding to AP.

    District Charge Card Purchase Authorization

    Charge purchases can only be made with the prior approval of the superintendent. Send the completed Charge Purchase Authorization form, along with any receipts, to AP where it will be matched to the charge statement before payment.