• Class Rules
    * Bring necessary materials with you daily.
    * Follow directions, be prepared, and pay attention.
    * Respect school property.
    * No food or drink in the gym at any time.
    * No horseplay in the gym or locker rooms.
    * No cell phones, MP3, or CD players without permission.
    * After dressing, stay in the locker room until the bell rings.
    * Dress out and participate every day.
     Weight Room Rules
    Absolutely no horseplay!! 
    * Keep it clean. No food, etc.
    * Make sure area is cleared before, during, and after lifting.
    * Make sure collars are snug.
    * Protect your lower back. Use good form and a belt.
    * Never interfere with a lifter.
    * Spot carefully.
    * Return weights to rack when finished.
    * Help and encourage each other.