• Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a major?

    A major is concentration of coursework in a specialized area.  A major consists of the completion of at least four required units of study as well as complementary electives that relate to that area.  Majors help students focus their course selection around a concentration in a specific area.  There are 28 majors in our framework.  These are shown under each cluster of study on the framework chart.


    When do you declare a major?

    In the eighth grade, students, along with their parents, meet individually with counselors and choose a career cluster that interests them.  Beginning in the ninth grade, students select a major to begin exploring their academic and elective choices in a specific direction.


    Can you change a cluster (or major)?

    Students can change a major if they find that the one they selected is no longer their area of interest.  Students are never locked into a specific cluster or major.  Successful completion of four required courses as outlined on district IGP templates constitutes a major.


    Do all students have to declare a major?

    Students need to declare a major by the end of the 9th grade; however, completion of a major is not a requirement for a South Carolina High School Diploma.


    Can I have more than one major?

    Yes, with carefully planning beginning in the ninth grade, it is possible to complete more than one major.


    Is it possible to complete a major while continuing to participate in other electives (i.e., fine arts, physical education, ROTC, etc.)?

    Yes, the district highly recommends that students explore a broad range of experiences and interests during their high school years.  There is ample opportunity with 28 possible course selections to complete a major and participate in other areas of interest.


    Framework and templates
    A chart illustrating the district curriculum framework is located in the Career Pathways-Individual Graduation Plans section of the guidance webpage.