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    Class Information and Rules

       There are some basic materials that you will need for this class:

    • 1" binder to keep your work in
    • Pack of colored pencils for illustrations
    • agenda (provided by the school)                      
    • willing and cooperative attitude

       There is a textbook in this class and you will be responsible for the book that is issued to you.  It is very important to be in class at all times if possible.  If you are absent for any reason it is your (the student's) responsibility to find out from me what you missed and to get it made up. Most of the time you can find what were we doing in class by checking this website.  You must get a ticket from me to make up your work. The school policy on make up work can be found in the student agenda. Generally all make up should be completed in one week from the absence. It will also be necessary to keep up with all handouts from the class (thus the 1" binder). 

       Grades are very important to most students.  In this class there will be 2 types of grades;  daily grades and test grades.  Daily grades will count 40% of your final nine weeks average, and test grades will count 60% of your final nine weeks average.  The final grade will be 40% of the first nine weeks in the class, 40% of the second nine weeks in the class and 20% will be the final exam.  As a general rule I do not give extra credit because, "if you do what you are supposed to do, when you are supposed to do it" you should pass this course.

       In order for this class to operate efficiently we must have some guidelines.  Here they are:

    a) Follow directions the first time they are given.

    b) Be on time to class and with assignments and projects.

    c) Respect the rights of others.

    d) Bring all necessary materials with you to class.

    e) Take care of your personal necessities before or after class.


       If a student chooses to violate one of these rules, the consequences are as follows:

    a) First time--Warning

    b) Second time--15 minute detention

    c) Third time--30 minute detention

    d) Fourth time and thereafter--referral to office

    I AM AVAILABLE FOR EXTRA HELP EACH MORNING FROM 7:15 UNTIL 7:55  I am available after school with an appointment.

    You may contact me by calling Wren High School at 850-5900 (ext.223).  Leave a message and I will return your call.  You  may also reach me by email at fosters@apps.anderson1.org or go to my web page:  https://www.anderson1.k12.sc.us/site/default.aspx?DomainID=1101   (copy and paste in web browser if necessary).