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    The resource room is for students who are classified and qualify for Special Education services under the federal law IDEA.  Students are assisted on an individual basis according to their own Individual Education Plan.  The course objectives are to provide tutorial instruction and organizational support for each student as needed, to support the individual student's IEP objectives and to communicate with the student's other teachers and parents.  The resource program will support and reinforce the instructional plans of the general education classroom teacher.  The resource teacher will provide assistance with all of the student's academic courses, specifically concentrating on the student's deficit area(s).  The resource teacher will provide assignments related to career exploration. Skills to be taught include organization, note-taking, writing assignments, following directions, listening skills, career exploration, self-concept, and self-advocacy in addition to deficit area skills.  The student receives an elective unit for this tutorial course, which contributes toward the elective quota for graduation.  My goal is to assist the student to become an independent lifelong learner.



    Required Text and Materials:


    All students are expected to bring all necessary materials to complete homework assignments. This includes a charged Chromebook.


         The student will: receive tutorial instruction and organizational support while maintaining  60% or higher in each of his/her academic courses.


         The teacher will: monitor academic progress, provide tutorial instruction, and organizational assistance to meet the student’s Individual Education Plan objectives.



     Course Evaluation:


     Resource students earn an elective credit.  (Refer to the district grade scale.)


    • (20%)   arrive to class with the necessary materials to compete work including a charged Chromebook 
    •  (20%) completed agenda/Google document or Google calendar 
    •  (60%) work on IEP goals, stay on task, and use class time productively


        Room 112 Rules:


    1. Follow Classroom Procedures
    2. Follow WHS Handbook
    3. No food in class 
    4. Do your best 
    5. Allow others to do their best



              1st offense - Reminder of the Rule given

              2nd offense - Conference with Teacher and/or Detention

             3rd offense - Parent Contact and/or Referral to Administrator

             ***Students should utilize the time between classes to use the bathroom or get water from the fountain.  They are allowed to use the NEAREST restroom/drinking fountain during        class.  A sign out sheet will be completed neatly when leaving the classroom. Any student abusing this privilege will be addressed on an individual basis and parents and/or administration may be contacted.