• Materials:

      Each student will need the following materials every day:

    1. pencil and pen (standard blue or black ink ONLY)

    2. 3-ring notebook with loose leaf paper; hard copy materials will be kept in this.

    3. compostion notebook to be used for homework and quizzes
    4. textbook

    5. calculator with scientific notation – (What is used for math class is fine unless it is a TI-89 calculator. Because of the “solve” capabilities of the TI-89 calculator, students will NOT be allowed to use these calculators in chemistry and should not bring them to class. If the student has a TI-89 for a math class, they will need to borrow or purchase an inexpensive calculator, such as a TI-30, to use for chemistry. These calculators can be purchased for around $10 to $12).  Because of the A/B schedule, some students want another calculator so they don't have to swap it between bookbags.  In that case, something like a TI-30X or Casio FX260 will be fine.  It needs to say "scientific" on the calculator -  for scientific notation.)

    6. small dry erase marker (I have individual white boards that we will use in the room)

    7. Chemical Splash Goggles - may be purchased from Home Depot or Lowe's for approximately $3.

         6.  iPad

    ***Parents, please send a box of tissues or 2 rolls of paper towels during the first week of school.  These will be used in the room as needed.  If you have other items such as tissues, dry erase markers or school supplies you would be willing to donate, we would be most appreciative. 

    Also, if you have access to scrap metal, I would like to find enough thin galvanized iron pieces to use for a lab in December.  We will need approximately 140 pieces approx. 2-3 inches square for all students to do the lab.  Thickness of the metal should be about that of duct work or the galvanized strapping used on mobile homes.  If you have access to other metals or materials, we can always use them in labs.  If you have questions about this, please let me know.


    Thank you, again.***