• Accelerated Reader Directions
    1. Read one of the books from the list
    2. Complete the Reaction Information (see below).  Turn in this written information by the due date.
    3. Complete an AR test (given in the library)
    Reaction Information
    The following information should be supplied on loose-leaf paper in blue or black ink or you may type (double-spaced) your information.
    Bullet your paper as it is done below.
    Make sure you write the heading beside each bullet
    • Title of Book:
    • Author:
    • Main Characters of the Novel: Name the character(s) and give a brief description--what kind of person (s)he is, what (s)he likes, any other pertinent information
    • Character Qualities: Which characters have good qualities to develop within yourself?  Tell about these qualities and how the character(s) demonstrate them.
    • Conflicts of the Main Character(s): Explain the main conflicts of the person you perceive as the main character
    • Solution: Tell how you might have solved the conflict differently from the way the main character solved it.
    • Recommendation: On a scale of 1-5, five being the highest, explain how you would rate this book and why you would give it this rating.
    English I Book List
    TITLE                                                       AUTHOR
    Across Five Aprils                                                        Hunt

    Are You in the House Alone                                          Peck
    Beyond the Chocolate War                                           Cormier
    Brian's Song                                                                Blinn
    Canyons                                                                      Paulsen
    The Contender                                                            Sanders
    Death Be Not Proud                                                      Gunter
    Don't Look Behind You                                                   Duncan
    Eva                                                                             Dickenson
    Hoops                                                                         Myers

    Ironman                                                                      Crutcher
    Killing Mr. Griffin                                                           Duncan
    The Light in the Forest                                                  Richter
    The Moves Make Make the Man                                     Brooks
    Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones                                              Head
    Night Kites                                                                   Kerr
    The Pigman                                                                 Zindel
    Scorpions                                                                    Myers
    A Summer to Die                                                         Lowry

    Tiger Eyes                                                                   Blume
     TITLE                                                        AUTHOR
    Brave New World                                                         Huxley
    The Count of Monte Cristo                                            Dumas
    The Crying of Lot 49                                                     Pynchon
    Cyrano Debergerac                                                      Rostand
    Eva Luna                                                                     Allende                                                             
    The House of the Spirits                                                Allende
    Les Miserables                                                              Hugo
    Lost Horizon                                                                  Hilton
    Madame Bovary                                                            Flaubert
    One Hundred Years of Solitude                                       Marquez
    Slaughter-house Five                                                     Vonnegut
    The Unbearable Lightness of Being                                 Kundera
    V                                                                                 Pynchon