•  Pick a book that you want to read

      • Read 30 minutes each night (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)
    • Complete the assigned writing topic each night
    •  Write a summary if you can't answer the question(s)
    • Homework sheets will be collected on Fridays

    ********DIRECTIONS *********

    1. Address the question

    2. Use specific details from the story to support your answer

    3. Make sure that the reader knows to whom you are referring







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    1.  Who are the main characters?  Who are the minor characters

    2.  Where does the story take place? (setting)

    3.  Tell the main things that have happened so far (plot).

    4.  What do you think the author's message will be?  Why do you think this?

    5.  Have you noticed anything you think the author might bring up again later in the story?  If so, what did you notice?

    6.  Do you like or dislike the characters?  Why?

    7.  Describe the setting

    8.  What is the problem (conflict) in the story?  How do you think it will be solved?

    9.  What is the author trying to tell you?  How do you know?

    10.  Tell about the images the author has left in your mind.

    11.  Does the character in the story remind you about anyone else you have read about?  If so how are they alike?

    12.  Have you ever been in a setting like the one in your story?  If you have, how was it like the setting in the story?

    13.  What do you think will happen next?  What do you think will happen at the end?

    14.  How do you feel at this point in the story?  Why?

    15.  What special words has the author used so far to help you see, hear, or feel things in the story?

    16.  Choose one character.  Why is this character important in the story?

    17.  When does this story take place--long ago, in the future, or in the present?  How do you know?

    18.  Tell the main events that have happened in the story.

    19.  What do you remember most about the story so far?

    20.  How did the setting affect what happened in the story?

    21.  What did the author have to know in order to write this story?

    22.  What was your favorite word, line, or paragraph in the story?  Why?

    23.  If you could be any character in the story, who would you be?  Why?

    24.  How would the story be different if it were set in another time?

    25.  If you wanted to suggest this story to a friend, what would you say it is mostly about?

    26.  Suppose you had the chance to meet one of the characters.  What would you say to him or her?

    27.  If you could visit the place in this story, would you go?  Why or why not?

    28. NONE

    29. NONE


    30.   What is the main conflict in the story?

    What is a minor conflict in the story?

    31.   Based on the events occurring in the story, what conclusion can be drawn?

    32.   Which characters use the most dialogue?  Why does the author use a lot of dialogue between these characters?

    33.   Does the author seem to be biased towards a character?  Why?

    34.   What is the tone of the story?  Give specific examples.

    35.   Based on evidence from the story, what inferences can be drawn?

    36.   Would the plot of the story change if a different point of view was used?

    37.   Compare a character in the story to a character from another story. 

    38.   Contrast a character in the story with a character from another story.

    39.   What is the genre of this story?

    40.   Are any of the characters in the story similar to each other?  How?

    41.   What is the main tone of the story?  (exciting, humerous, ironic, optimistic, serious, sarcastic, etc.)

    42.   Is personification used in the story?  If so, give an example.

    43.   How does the conflict affect the plot of the story?

    44.   What is the author’s message in this story?

    45.   Describe setting used in this story.

    46.   Give an example of symbolism used in this story.  Why do you think these symbols are used?

    47.   Give an example of irony used in this story.  Why do you think the author is using irony?

    48.   What is the attitude of the main character?  (ambivalent, dismissive, supportive, skeptical, etc.)

    49.   Give an example of figurative language used in the story. 


    Pick a book that you want to read

    Read 20 minutes each night for four nights per week

    Complete the assigned writing topic each night (if you absolutely can’t answer the question then write a summary of what you read that night)

    Turn-in on Friday for a grade


    1. Address the question

    2. Use specific details from the story to support your answer

    3. Make sure the reader knows whom you are talking about in each question

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