• Rules
    Classroom Rules
     1.  Come in quietly.
     2.  Be in assigned seat when the bell rings.
     3.  Come prepared- bring all necessary materials.
     4.  Leave all food, drink, and gum outside of classroom.
     5.  Use the choral classroom materials wisely.
     6.  Cooperate
     7.  Participate
     8.  Respect each other.
     9.  Listen carefully at all times!
    10. Leave the room quietly
    Consequences for Breaking Rules
     1.  Verbal Warning
     2.  15 minute detention after school.
     3.  30 minute detention after school.
     4.  Parent/Student/Teacher Conference.
     5.  Severe discipline problems will be sent to the office. 
    See the school agenda
    Bathroom Policy
    Students will be given two bathroom passes each nine weeks.