• English II Syllabus
    This course offers a study of the genres of literature, grammar review, writing for different purposes and audiences, and research.  Curriculum and projects are designed to address South Carolina College and Career Ready Standards for English II.  The student ebook and dashboard may be accessed at my.hrw.com
    Standards include independent reading, for which students are to select books each quarter.  View the complete syllabus here
    List of YA literature for literary circles is found here.

    First Quarter


    Third Quarter

    Collections 1, 2 from textbook; grammar review; stems/vocabulary; independent reading

      Collection 4 (poetry); novel The Alchemist; research; stems/vocabulary

    Second Quarter


    Fourth Quarter

    Collection 3; novel Animal Farm; sentence structure review; introduction to research; stems/vocabulary; independent reading   Collections 5 (Macbeth) 6; stems/vocabulary