Mrs. Key's Class Rules

    Dancing Pencil
    •  Be in assigned seat and ready to begin class when tardy bell rings. Remain seated until dismissal bell.  Virtual students should be logged in to Webex when class begins.


    • Bring notebook, Chromebook (charged), homework, and writing utensils to class always.
    • We will be utilizing the online textbook this year.
    • Use kind and respectful language; avoid words that are publicly inappropriate.


    • Listen and participate. (SLANT) Sit up, Listen, Ask and Answer questions, Nod, Track speaker
    •  Cell phones and other personal electronic devices should remain off during class; earbuds may only be used with permission for class assignments.
    • Show respect for classmates and their property. Remember to wear masks and remain physically distant when possible.
    • Water is allowed in class; food and other drinks are not.
    Consequences Verbal warning, private conference with teacher and parent contact; 30-minute detention with teacher; referral to administrator;  
    Rewards Verbal praise, positive environment, note to parent, SUCCESS  
    NOTE Students will receive two restroom passes per quarter to be used at their discretion.